How to Rate Officers on CopCritic

The purpose of the CopCritic mobile app is to save lives. The purpose for this website is to understand, from the public’s perspective, what is exceptional behavior and what is unacceptable behavior.This will in turn increase communication and understanding, and improve training. Your feedback will help us make real change. In order to be successful, it's important that every viewer rates officers the same way and that every view and rating is taken seriously.Anybody can view videos on CopCritic, but you must be logged in to rate, like/dislike and comment on them, and take part in surveys.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs down

The CopCritic analytics platform is designed to capture exactly where in the video viewers believe the officer(s) is responding too aggressively or unfairly (thumbs down) and also the parts of the video where the viewer believes the officer(s) showed extraordinary professionalism or performance to mitigate or resolve the incident (thumbs up). The areas where high percentages of viewers feel strongly about the officer's behavior (both good and bad) will be used to help educate law enforcement and improve training.

5 Star Rating System

The 5 star rating system is designed to RATE THE OVERALL PERFORMACE OF THE OFFICER(S)…NOT THE QUALITY OR CONTENT OF THE VIDEO. This is very important! Below is the system for rating officer performance by your own evaluations & measures.

  • 5 stars - the officer exceeded expectations
  • 4 stars - the officer handled the situation well
  • 3 stars - the officer could have handled it better
  • 2 stars - the officer should be reprimanded or fired
  • 1 star - the officer should go to jail

Flagging Videos

It's important to maintain the focus on communication and improving police performance. If a video is not related to interactions with law-enforcement and/or violates the terms of service, please flag the video.


The comment section is a good way to constructively express your opinion about the video publicly. The goal is to open communication among those with similar and opposing opinions. The more awareness we all have, the better chance for real change. Note, there is a filter on video comments in addition to random monitoring. Inappropriate comments will be removed and the user’s account may be deactivated.


CopCritic offers several ways to share videos. If you feel an officer's performance was worth sharing, please share with your social network.