Make A Change

We believe in the unlimited potential of human expression and the rights of all human beings. Every individual has a right to be treated fairly by law enforcement and approached without prejudice and preconceived notions. We’ve create a powerful platform where anyone can broadcast their interactions with police in front of a vast live audience. It’s our hope and goal that this very act will disarm law enforcement and promote a stress free environment for both parties.

In a moment when data, social media and live feedback are converging, we’re proud to provide a product that fuses the experiences that people around the country share with law enforcement and give us the knowledge and direct power to encourage meaningful change…in real-time.

Benefits to the Public

  • Complete transparency with law enforcement interactions
  • A standard process for ensuring safety for police and public
  • App user’s loved ones get notified immediately when there is a situation
  • Encourages police to be on their best behavior

Benefits to Law Enforcement

  • Officers can increase public confidence and trust
  • Streams can be used as training tools
  • Complete transparency. Captures more than patrol car can
  • Peace of mind knowing citizen is asking for safe, peaceful interaction
  • Provides a bridge between law enforcement and community

Benefits to Parents

  • Parents will know when child is in police custody
  • Child has a standard, safe process for interacting with authorities
  • There is complete transparency in the way their child is handled
  • Their children will know loved ones are with them
  • Parents can respond faster

Help Us Make a Change

Help us make the change our society desperately needs and deserves. Let’s support our law enforcement, encourage exceptional behavior and make a change!

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All donations will be used to pay for the servers, bandwidth, business analytic tools and law enforcement expertise (trainers, data analysts, evaluators).

Help Us Make a Difference

In order for us to make a REAL difference, I need you to share my mission with your followers and friends.THIS IS OUR CHANCE. You and I must encourage people to take a stance and make real change. This application WILL SAVE LIVES. Because EVERY LIFE MATTERS!