How CopCritic Works

The Three Ls Process

Police Performance App


When being pulled over by law enforcement or when withnessing another person being pulled over

Police Recording App


Get your license out and ready to hand to the officer.

Police Camera App


Let officer know that this encounter is being streamed live on CopCritic.

About CopCritic

CopCritic is the first live streaming mobile application and website that is focused specifically on improving the safety of interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve.The CopCritic application and process is designed to de-escalate potential life threatening situations during routine stops.

CopCritic allows the public to view live interactions between citizens and law enforcement during routine stops, share their opinions on what they view are good and poor practices, escalate when an officer is using unnecessary force or aggressiveness, and rate officer performance. Live streams trigger notification to app user’s loved ones, and escalated streams become featured streams for higher public visibility.Archived streams are searchable by location, police station, officer ratings, views, number of comments and escalations.

CopCritic’s analytics team utilizes the videos, data, public ratings, comments and forum discussions to provide law enforcement with the tools they need to better train officers.CopCritic identifies examples of outstanding performance, poor performance, officers with repeated behaviors of public disapproval and much more.

CopCritic reduces tensions, increases transparency and improves communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Mission and Goals

• To disarm the tensions that police officers have when approaching certain individuals, and to ensure safe and fair treatment of all citizens.

• To build a powerful platform where anyone can broadcast, protect themselves and officers, and share their experience in front of a vast live audience where registered users can share their opinions, mark areas within the video where the officer handles situationsabove expectationsand areas where they handle situations poorly, providing better insight of the thresholds and the expectations the public holds law enforcement accountable for.

• To build an application where not only those who feel they are at higher risk for police misconduct can use, but also for those who want to showcase exemplary performance from their local department.

• To create an interactive experience for site viewers, where they can comfortably share their opinions, learn from other members and their experiences, provide feedback that will make a difference.

• To balance the systemic injustices and unfair treatment of citizens, which ultimately lead to excessive force, and shootings of unarmed citizens.

• To provide law enforcement an understanding of its community’s point of view during routine interactions.

• To be the most intuitive analytical video player developed to provide data driven training and performance evaluation

• To host the largest survey of public opinion on interactions between law enforcement and communities

• To reduce the percentage of unwarranted tickets and automobile searches among African Americans and Hispanics

• To identify officers and precincts that have a history or repeat aggressive behavior

• To open up more meaningful race and police related conversations

Why We Need Change

• Police have killed at least 1,624 people in 2015 & 2016.

• 198 of them were unarmed.

• Only 10 cases have resulted in an officer being charged with a crime.

• According to a recent nation wide survey, 61% of officers do not always report serious abuse by fellow officers. And 52% turn a blind eye to excessive force committed by fellow officers

• It’s time for transparency in these incidents!

• According to statistics 11 million Blacks and Hispanics will get pulled over, 716,000 will get searched and 386,000 will experience excessive force.

• This means that we, and our cell phones, are our only line of defense when it comes to incidents with aggressive law enforcement officers

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